techno kayou maniacs translation project

Hello! Listed on this page you will find links to translations of comments about hundreds of singles (well, give me some time first) from the book Techno Kayou Maniacs. The term techno kayou was used in Japan to describe synthesiser-based music; it is a vague term that encompasses many genres, particularly synthpop and new wave (but not all synthpop and new wave is techno kayou --the surrounding culture and attitude of the music is equally as important). Techno kayou literally translates to 'techno song', but I will not use the English translation as it lacks the implicit allusion to Japan.

The book is divided into five sections:
1. Idol Techno Kayou
2. New Wave Techno Kayou
3. Crossover Techno Kayou
4. Comedy Techno Kayou
5. Modern Techno Kayou

Please take into consideration that my Japanese is very bad (although I do try my best). There are many instances written in the book that I haven't a single understanding of. In my circumstance, translating acts as an educational aid, and reflects a desire to learn more about Japanese music while also improving my ability in the Japanese language. For now, the the present translations remain quite literal; I intend to rewrite them at a later point. Finally, I will not include the text in the original language since it might dissuade people from purchasing the book.

Introduction of the Techno Kayou Maniacs: Although the popular songs that received influence from techno were born in the '80s, this book describes all the charm of techno kayou. Explaining YMO to Tsukasa Ito in a novel point of view. Techno kayou discography that surpasses 200 masterpieces.