Dangbooru Records; although is should be romanised as Danbooru

What do I know about Dangbooru Records? Hardly anything. I'll write about each individual's releases and affiliated acts at a later date, and at this point in time it is hard to find information about the earlier Dangbooru acts.
I ramble, I ramble so much about irrelevant topics when I write that I lose sight of what matters the most --because I honestly believe everything matters equally while simultaneously acknowledging that most things I write are pointless tripe. I suffer from doublethink, and it's killing me on the inside.
Firstly, I will need to remove all subjectivity and write only concrete information --this is not supposed to be an opinion page.

Anyway, here is what little I do know:

Contact & Purchase Information:

http://dangboorurec.thebase.in/ http://dangboorurecord.com/ https://dangboorurecord.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/DANGBOORURECORD

The Major Artists:

Nya Nyan Ga Puu Haruko Tajima Shampoo Hats Meat Boy
Nya Nyan Ga Puu is by far the most talented contemporary synthpop musician I have ever had the pleasure of hearing (and yes, I am being impartial). She is certainly the embodiment of all that I adore about the cute-vein of Japanese synthpop. Sadly, her debut album only contains 4 songs; fortunately, many live performances of other wonderful songs are available on Youtube --which is how I first discovered her in February 2015. Makoru Nakajo, the owner of Dangbooru Records, scribbled on the receipt of my last purchase that Nya Nyan's next album will be released in 2016. Personally, I'm not sure if I can wait that long --such is life. I am not sure if Haruko Tajima appreciated my writing about her on Nya Nyan's dedicated page --in which I claimed that it is likely Haruko prefers Neue Deutsch Welle to Japanese pop music --I think there may have been a slight error in translation. In part of her reply, I believe she claimed that any NDW similarities are purely coincidental. That statement of hers confirms there was a misunderstanding.
I fully realise that Haruko is a fan of Japanese pop music, but, outside of the occasional Saint Four, Fumie Hosokawa and Kirara & Urara samples, her music --most of it, at least-- is not a reflection of the music in the country she lives in. I do think that Haruko's music would appeal more to those that enjoy Der Plan, etc. than the aforementioned singers or Jun Togawa or her beloved Susumu Hirasawa, for example --while also not being directly influenced by NDW. One might argue that Haruko's music could appeal to fans of some Japanese new wave groups like Picky Picnic, and that is true, but bands like Picky Picnic were heavily influenced by NDW in the first place --Kaoru Todoroki and Yuji Asaka even appeared on several German compilations and Pyrolator albums. This is not a bad thing; it is a good thing. Haruko sits comfortably in her own special class; in that regard, her music is unique --neither identifiably Japanese, nor identifiably German. Hopefully, if she is to ever read this article, the misunderstanding will be cleared. I do enjoy her work very much, and did not mean to disregard her as an NDW-wannabe at all --it was an attempt to quickly gloss over her music before discussing Nya Nyan again.
Anyway, Hitler declared that the Japanese are honorary Aryans, so perhaps it should be expected for the two nationalities to also think alike --intentionally or not.
Nya Nyan Ga Puu is by far the most talented contemporary synthpop musician I have ever had the pleasure of hearing (and yes, I am being impartial). Shampoo Hats Nya Nyan Ga Puu is by far the most talented contemporary synthpop musician I have ever had the pleasure of hearing (and yes, I am being impartial).

Something I scribbled on my Interpals profile, it is, perhaps, better suited for this website:

Dangbooru Records is a promising music label situated in Tokyo, Japan. It was established by Makoru Nakajo. Sayuko Nano, who has recently received popularity for the release of her newest album 'Kimi to Issho Nara Jigoku Demo Iiyo', was established with Dangbooru since its inception, and she released an album in 2013 in collaboration with her friend —and honorary Neue Deutsche Aryan— Haruko Tajima under the name 'Hileohish'. My favourite artist currently under Dangbooru is Nya Nyan Ga Puu —also my favourite contemporary artist since Tavito Nanao. She released her debut album, Nyu Mochitaro, in May 2015 —which contains 4 songs— and, according to a scribble Makoru left on my last purchase from the record label, we can anticipate her next release to be available in 2016. Her music is a wonderful form of synthpop —infectious sounds inspired by '80s new wave groups such as Menu and Kidorikko.
Haruko Tajima, who I have briefly mentioned above, is another major character in Dangbooru Records; she is also a member of the wonderful trio Shampoo Hats —minimalist instrumentation, rock/pop and silly costumes. I was very impressed by Haruko's latest solo-album and Shampoo Hat's second album.
Shampoo Hats:
There are dozens of other artists that have released music under Dangbooru —most of whom only participated in live recordings of 'Dangbooru Festivals'.
If you are interested, you can purchase their music here —although Makoru is currently suffering issues with his PayPal: