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O marvellous image of the divine being,
unsullied art of harmonies!
To thee we offer in concert
Our praise born of enthusiasm.

Thou art a joyous dream of life,
thou art a celebration, thou art repose;
thou givest mankind as a gift
thy enchanting visions.

In that gloomy, cold hour
when the soul is filled with troubles,
in thee man finds the living joy,
of consolation and oblivion.

Thou callest miraculously to life
forces fallen in the struggle,
in the weary and sick mind thou givest birth
to a system of new thoughts.

Thou givest birth to a boundless, ocean
of feelings in the enraptured heart,
and it is thy priest.
inspired by thee,
who sings the best of songs.

Thy spirit, free and mighty,
reigns omnipotent on earth;
the man roused by thee accomplishes
superbly the finest exploit.
Come here, all nations of the world,
let us sing the praises of art!