nya nyan ga puu - nyu mochitaro [2015]

Nyu Mochitaro is the debut album of upcoming synthpop superstar Nya Nyan ga Puu, it was released on Dangbooru Records in May 2015. Comparisons to '80s new wave acts such as Kidorikko and Menu are inevitable since the music is so obviously influenced by them --but by no means is Nya Nyan unoriginal-- and the quality of the songs on this CD, in my opinion, are fit to rival such titans. Haruko Tajime of Shampoo Hats "Produced&Artworked" the album, although her own music isn't even half as good (sorry!) and she seems more favourable of Neue Deutsch Welle such as Andreas Dorau and Foyer des Art, and she'd probably also like Co-Mix (and you, the reader, probably would, too)*.
Anyone who at all enjoys Japanese technopop, particularly of the cute variety, should take it upon themselves to purchase this CD (which is only 1000yen). If I weren't retarded I would've also purchased [Girly], a Dangbooru compilation, (contrary to its name, it doesn't actually contain all women, Naoko Ogawa being the most prominent male) which is now sold out. Given the quality of the four (yes, just four, and two additional instrumental tracks) songs on this CD I expect that it will also soon sell out.
Here's the music video for the title track:
Here's a music video by Haruko's Shampoo Hats, for those that are interested:
If you enjoyed that song I recommend checking out the band Oninko, since I believe Shampoo Hats haven't released any albums (although I could be wrong). The two groups are musicially quite similar (avoiding the pathetic cliche of "oh, well they're both girl-groups so you've gotta like 'em both!"); both are guitar-centric pop music with minimalist instrumentation --although Oninko have an edge in appealing to fans of experimental rock, the two albums of theirs that I own have the occasional freak-out and are generally noisier.
Finally, this is Dangbooru Record's online store:
It's very easy to purchase from the Dangbooru store, even when living abroad: just fill it out normally but use a fake postal code (I use something like 060000 in Hokkaido) and provide your real details in the message box. You might have to pay extra shipping, although when I inquired about shipping costs the owner of Dangbooru told me everything was fine and that it was sent via economy mail (the parcel arrived within a week).

*On the subject of NDW: there is a radio show available on youtube of Kaoru Satou, Holger Hiller, a Japanese translator and a British man discussing music; it --might-- be interesting but I couldn't get past more than 8 minutes. Holger says something in English, so that the Japanese woman can translate it into Japanese so that Kaoru Satou can understand, so he can say something in Japanese for the woman to translate into English for Holger to understand and it is oh so incredibly slow.